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  • Supply of cold-/hotforged and CNC-machined metal (round) products
    • To standard specifications UNS/ASTM - DIN - BS - AFNOR - GOST
    • Specials according to technical drawing
  • Heat- & surface treatments and material coatings, on all metals
  • Advice on material and coating applications
  • Inhouse testing equipment like saltspray, UV testing, ultra thin layer thickness measuring etc.
  • Valves
  • Chemical industries
  • Maritime
  • Water treatment
  • Energy
  • Offshore & Shipbuilding
  • Oil & Gas
  • Food industries
  • Aviation &Aerospace
  • Rails & Construction
    We offer a wide variety of surface treatments, however we can also execute additional material treatments for you like heat treatment, annealing etc.
    Hot dip galvanizing
    Hot-dip galvanizing is a process that involves immersing the steel component to be coated in a bath of molten zinc (at about 450°C) after pickling and fluxing, and then withdrawing it. The immersed surfaces are uniformly coated with zinc alloy and zinc layers that form a metallurgical bond with the substrate. The resulting coating is/provides:
  • Durable, tough, abrasion resistant
  • Provides cathodic (sacrificial) protection to any small damaged areas where the steel substrate is exposed.
  • Layer thickness from 50-60 micron up to 200 micron.
  • Higher corrosion resistance than zinc plated, since the layer thickness is higher.
  • BS EN ISO 14713-1:2009 and NEN EN ISO 1461, process requirements under ASTM A123(strips and bars, plates, pipes and tubing, wire and reinforced bars & A153/F2329 (hardware).
    Powder coating
  • Inhouse production (complete powder coating line for large quantities)
  • For interior as well as exterior applications
  • Appropriate for color coding or enriching the look of metal components
  • 95% recovery efficiency of the powder by recycling during the automatic spraying process
    Duplex systems
    Duplex systems are commonly specified for aesthetic reasons but the combination of a powder coating layer over a hot dip galvanized layer also results in a far better coating:
  • 1.5 to 2.3 times the sum of the expected life of each system alone
  • Lower costs over life cycle project
  • Color code/enrich the look of metal components
  • Appropriate in very aggressive environments
  • The key to a successful duplex system is to properly prepare the galvanized surface for paint or powder according to ASTM D6386 and ASTM D7803.
    PTFE coatings
    PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) non-stick coatings are a primer/topcoat system. PTFE is available only in water-based liquid form. Types like Xylan® 5110, 1010, 1014, 1424 (on rotary actuators, valve balls, plug stems, clips, pins, piston castings, bearings, threaded components) give the best anti-corrosion result for wastewater/water treatment & offshore applications,
  • Inhouse production
  • Very low friction coefficient
  • Organic long lasting top coat
  • Good abrasion & chemical resistance
  • Working temp. range (continuous) -50°C/-58°F to 175°C/347°F
    Sherardizing ia a thermal diffusion process producing a sacrificial zinc/iron alloy layer providing long term, uniform and resilient anti-corrosion protection
  • Heat-resistent until 600°C
  • High abrasion resistance till HRC 41
  • Smooth matt grey uniform layer thickness, normal range 15 to 80 µm
  • Hydrogen brittleness excluded
  • BS EN ISO 14713-3: 2009 Zinc coatings
    Zinc plating/electro galvanizing
    Zinc plating / electro galvanizing is a very effective and economical way to protect your parts against corrosion.
  • Barrel and rack plating production lines to handle parts of every dimension
  • Comprehensive finishing processes: yellow- and blue passivated
  • 'Dickschicht passivating
  • Chrome 6-free
  • Heat resistant until 210° celcius
  • Processes meet or exceed the requirements of ASTM B 633/F1941.
  • Layer thickness from a few microns up to 20-30 microns
    Other coatings & Heat Treatments
    For other coatings and treatments or research on new coatings we dispose of expert knowledge and testing-& process methods. Send a message to or fill out our form.
    Contact us for professional advice on material (testing)/coating selection proceses. All our products we supply (if requested) with 3.1/3.2 EN 10204 material test certification.
    For coatings we can execute a large variety of tests:
  • Salt spray test ISO 9227/ Din 50021/ ASTM B117
  • UV test EN ISO 4892/16474
  • Vapor test EN ISO 6270-2
  • Ultra thin layer testing ASTM B568
  • Machu test
  • Microscopic analysis
  • Mech. test Taber Abraser ISO 9352
  • Pull-off test ISO 4624
bar steel rod
forged fittings
rotor shaft
studbolts xylan
weldinf neck flanges

Chemical composition in 2nd table
Werkstoff Short Description Tradename/ UNS DIN AISI/ ASTM BS GOST
1.0037Non-alloy structural steelSt.37-2Fe 360 B
1.0065Non-alloy structural steelSt.37-1A40 A 20
1.0305Non-alloy structural steelSt.35.8
1.0308Non-alloy structural steelSt.35
1.0402Quenched & Tempered steelC22070 M 2020
1.0425High-temperature structural steelHII1501 Gr.161-40016K, 20K
1.0460High-temperature structural steelC 22.8
1.0501Quenched & Tempered steelC35060 A 3535
1.0503Quenched & Tempered steelC 45080 M 4645
1.0570Non-alloy structural steelSt.52.3Fe 510 D1 FF17GS, 17G1S
1.0619High-temperature Ferritical steelGS-C 251504-161 Gr. B
1.0711Machining steel 9S20
1.0718Non-alloy high-grade machining steel9SMnPb 28K
1.1151Quenched & Tempered steelCk 22/ C22E055 M 1520
1.1156Ferritic steel castings for low temperaturesGS-Ck24
1.1181Quenched & Tempered steelCk 35/ C35E080 A 3535
1.1203Quenched & Tempered steelCk 55/ C55E2 C 55/XC 55 H 155

WerkstoffC%Si%Mn% P%S%Cr%Mo% Ni%Nb%Ti%
Chemical composition in 2nd table
Werkstoff Short Description Tradename/ UNS DIN AISI/ ASTM BS GOST
1.4000Ferritic stainless steelX6Cr13403 S 17O8Ch13
1.4016Ferritic stainless steelX6Cr17430 S 1512Ch17
1.4136Ferritic corrosion resistant cast steel high-alloyG-X70CrMo29 2
1.4523Ferritic corrosion resistant stainless steelS18235X2CrMoTiS18-2

WerkstoffC%Si%Mn% P%S%Cr%Mo% Ni%Nb%Ti%
Chemical composition in 2nd table
Werkstoff Short Description Tradename/ UNS DIN AISI/ ASTM BS GOST
1.4006Martensic stainless steelX12Cr13410 S 2112Ch13
1.4021Martensic stainless steelX20Cr13420 S 3720Ch13
1.4024Martensic stainless steelX15Cr13420 S 29
1.4034Martensic stainless steelX46Cr13420 S 4540Ch13
1.4057Martensic stainless steelX17CrNi16 2431 S 2920Ch17N2
1.4104Martensic stainless steelX14CrMoS17
1.4110High-carbon martensic stainless steelX55CrMo14
1.4119Martensic corrosion resistant stainless steelX15CrMo13
1.4122Martensic corrosion resistant stainless steelX35CrMo17/ X39CrMo17-1

WerkstoffC%Si%Mn% P%S%Cr%Mo% Ni%Nb%Ti%
Chemical composition in 2nd table
Werkstoff Short Description Tradename/ UNS DIN AISI/ ASTM BS GOST
1.3964Austenitic stainless steelAlloy 50/ Nitronic®X2CrNiMnMoNNb21 16 5 3
1.4301Austenitic corrosion resistant stainless steelX5CrNi18 10 / A2-70304 S 1708Ch18N10
1.4305Austenitic corrosion resistant stainless steelX10CrNiS18 9303 S 22/31
1.4306Austenitic corrosion resistant stainless steelX2CrNi19-11304/305 S 1103Ch18N11
1.4307Austenitic corrosion resistant stainless steel low carbonX2CrNi18-9
1.4308Austenitic corrosion resistant cast stainless steelG-X6CrNi18 9304 C 1507Ch18N9L
1.4310Austenitic corrosion resistant stainless steelX12CrNi17 7301 S 21/22
1.4312Corrosion resistant cast steel alloyG-X10CrNi18 8302 C 2510Ch18N9L
1.4401Austenitic corrosion resistant stainless steelX5CrNiMo17 12 2316 S 13/17/19
1.4404Austenitic corrosion resistant stainless steel low carbonG-X2CrNiMo17 12 2316 S 11/13/14
1.4408Corrosion resistant cast steel alloyGX5CrNiMo19 11 2316 C 1607Ch18N10 G2SM2L
1.4435Austenitic corrosion resistant stainless steelX2CrNiMo18 14 3316 S 11/13/1403Ch17N14M3
1.4436Austenitic corrosion resistant stainless steelS31600X5CrNiMo17 13 3316 S 19/31
1.4539Super austenitic corrosion resistant stainless steelN08904X 1 NiCrMoCu 25 20 5
1.4541Austenitic corrosion resistant stainless steelS32100X6CrNiTi18 10321 S 31/5106Ch18N10T
1.4571Austenitic corrosion resistant stainless steelS31635X6CrNiMoTi17 12 2320 S 18/3110Ch17N13M2T
1.4573Austenitic corrosion resistant stainless steelS31636X10CrNiMoTi18 12320 S 3310Ch17N13M3T
1.4580Austenitic corrosion resistant stainless steelS31640X 6 CrNiMoNb17 12 2318 S 1708Ch16N13M2B

WerkstoffC%Si%Mn% P%S%Cr%Mo% Ni%Nb%Ti%
Chemical composition in 2nd table
Werkstoff Short Description Tradename/ UNS DIN AISI/ ASTM BS GOST
1.4410Super duplex corrosion resistant stainless steel S32750 / Alloy 2507 X2CrNiMoN25-7-4
1.4462High strength duplex stainless steelS31803X2CrNiMoN22 5 3318 S 13
1.4501Super duplex corrosion resistant stainless steel S32760 / Alloy 100X2CrNiMoCuW N25 7 4X2CrNiMoCuW N25 7 4

WerkstoffC%Si%Mn% P%S%Cr%Mo% Ni%Nb%Ti%
Chemical composition in 2nd table
Werkstoff Short Description Tradename/ UNS DIN AISI/ ASTM BS GOST
1.6902Corrosion resistant cold-resisting cast stainless steel G-X6CrNi18 10
1.7102Alloyd spring steel for automotive54SiCr6
1.7335Creep resistant pressure vessel steel K1145713CrMo4-41501-620/62112ChM; 15ChM
1.7357Pressure vessel cast steelG17 CrMo 5 5
1.7380Heat resistant alloy steel10CrMo9 101501-622/51512Ch8
1.8159Quenched & tempered spring steel51CrV4735, H 5150ChFA

WerkstoffC%Si%Mn% P%S%Cr%Mo% Ni%Nb%Ti%
Example products
Tapped stud CNC
Tapped stud incl slotted nut SCM435, A453-660A-B, A193-B16, 13CrMo44, AISI 4140, Durehete 1055

dowel pin eccentric pin CNC
Dowel pin / Eccentric pin> A320 B8M, Duplex S31803, A437-B4B

blind flange Hot forged
Blind flange AISI 310, A193 B7, Hastelloy C276

Spur gear Hot forged
Spur gear Inconel 718, AISI 310, 21CrMoV5-7

stainless steel bars Bright
Stainless steel bars Aisi 321, A193 B8, DIN A2-70, Aisi 316L

cap screw u-bolt Drawing
Countersunck socket cap screws special tolerances DIn A4-80 & U-bolt after drawing AISI 304L

domed cap nut CNC
Domed cap nuts Super Duplex S32760, DIN A4-80

solid works metal parts CAD
We (reverse) engineer products with SolidWorks

Xylan 1424 PTFE
Studbolt incl 2 nuts PTFE silver coated

Product range

  • Fasteners
  • Flanges (& Gaskets)
  • Bar steel
  • Wire rod
  • Tubes & Pipes
  • Pistons
  • Shafts
  • Pins & Clips
  • Bearings & Gears
  • Rotors & Stators
CNC machining

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